Tehran’s Most Visited Attraction; Golestan Palace
MP. Golestan Palace Tehran

Golestan Palace is located in the historical area of the Bazaar of Tehran and is a complex from Tehran’s history during and after the Qajar Dynasty. This complex was the residence, coronation palace and the museum of Iranian kings…

Golestan Palace is one of the most important touristic attractions in Iran. The complex of Golestan Palace is located in the historical region of Tehran and was recorded as Iran’s sixteenth site in the thirty-seventh annual committee of UNESCO World Heritage. They ascribe its construction date to the time of Shah Tahmasp I.

Golestan Palace has a complex of halls and different buildings that include: Edifice of the Sun, Salam Hall, Mirror Hall, the Marble Throne Iwan, Pond House, Abyaz Palace, Karim Khani Nook, Wind-Catcher Imaret, and The Ivory Hall. These buildings are all inside this complex but some of them are not accessible to visitors.



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