The Bride of Shiraz; Narenjestan Qavam Persian Garden
MP. Narenjestan Qavam Shiraz

Narenjestan Qavam is an astonishing traditional house in the city of Shiraz. It is in the old region of the city and is only 400 meters away from Nasir-ol-Molk (or the pink) Mosque. Narenjestan Qavam Garden was presented to Shiraz University in 1966 after being restored and has been kept under its supervision since then. During the years 1969 to 1980 this garden was under the supervision of the Asian Institute and attended by professor Arthur Upham Pope, the famous Iranologist. 


  • The Story Behind Building this House!

The history of this building goes to old times when a family named Qavam gradually rose to power in Shiraz., hence the name of the garden. This family has a colorful history and plays a certain role on various occasions in the history of Shiraz and Iran.

After this Garden and house have been constructed it was kept as a heritage for three generations of Qavam family until Reza Shah’s time when all the titles were removed from the family.


  • The Architectureof Narenjestan Qavam

Apart from the main pavilion, a museum is built in the basement in which the books and all the gifts given by Professor Arthur Upham Pope are kept. 

The present name of the garden “Narenjestan” is because of the “narenj” (sour orange) trees in the garden. The main pavilion has two floors and a basement. The style of the main building and its terrace with two columns is Zand Style of architecture using carving, painting, stucco, and mirror-work. There are two terraces on both sides, each connecting to a salon and a room. This pavilion has a “Shah Neshin” that was the residence of the governor and his family. 

Narenjestan Qavam


  • A Secret Tunnel in Narenjestan Qavam!

In the past, this building had a way to Zinat-ol-Molouk House through a tunnel. This other old house (Zinat-ol-Molouk house in shiraz) is in the alley next to Narenjestan. The tunnel made an interesting change of places: Qavam’s house became a Biruni (part of the house for receiving guests) for Zinat-ol-Molouk House and also Zinat-ol-Molouk House became an Andaruni (a part of the House in which the private quarters are built) for Qavam House. 


  • Tips on Photography

Since this building is near Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, it is better to photograph it after visiting the mosque. So your visit should be in the morning when you have a mild light from the corners of the building on the beautiful architectural details.


Visit hours: 7:30- 19

Visit days: 7 days a week


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