Nightlife in Darband and Darakeh
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Nightlife in Darband and Darakeh


We suggest that for seeing the variety of lifestyles in Tehran, you go to uptown and see how people spend time. The most important point in traveling to Iran is visiting people who try their best to offer you their help and kindness…

In case you intend to get to know the daily life of people in Iran, the best way is to go to the shopping centers. In Tehran, you can skip a bit of resting time and go to these places. When the weather is warmer, the people of Tehran tend to go to the northern part of Tehran and a region called Darband and Darakeh.
Darband is located in the highest part of the city that ends at the mountains which is accessible from Tajrish Square and Darakeh is at the north of Tehran and is on the way to Tochal Mountain. In both places, you can both enjoy walking in nature and among cafes, and restaurants on the foot of the mountains and see people who have come to enjoy the cool weather. Darband is also a climbing path for the Tochal mountain top with an altitude of about 4000 meters. You can see mountain climbers on holiday. In both sites, there are lots of restaurants and cafes. Some are very expensive and some are normal, but generally, the food prices in this region are higher than in other parts of the city. 

Tajrish Square has also a nice Bazaar which leads you to another experience in Tehran, watching people buy and sightseeing the architecture of the Great Bazaar and Tajrish Bazaar.

darband and darakeh


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