Pasargadae Garden
Cyrus the Great Tomb Pasargadae Fars 768x768

According to what archeologists have found, there used to be a garden in Pasargadae that was built on the command of Cyrus the great.  The remnants of streams and the passing of a small river along the historical area of Pasargadae is a proof for this hypothesis. The experts have located the first garden in the form of Chahar Baghi (quadrilateral) in this historical area and in fact know it as the starting point of the birth of Iranian garden with its own characteristics and criteria. According to archeological findings in this area, we’d better point to some notions that facilitates proper understanding of the existence of this garden. The order employed in this garden is an emblem of the universe and signifies the power of the king in another way. In fact, the visitor by entering the garden would notice a powerful ruler had existed there in the past. The archeological connection between the garden and palaces in Pasargadae is also an indication of the power of the ruler. The designing of the garden and palaces are so much entangled that has created an independent composition. According to the garden that is associated to paradise theory, building a big garden in a dry geographical region again is an emblem of the king’s attention toward the country, adding to the spiritual power of the king in society.

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