The Famous Houses of Kashan; The Tabatabai Family
MP. Tabatabaei House Kashan

Visiting the traditional houses of Iran leads you to the depth of the lifestyle of the past. Tabatabaei House in Kashan is one of them. Close to the Borujerdi House in Kashan is an old house which is known as Tabatabaei. This magnificent house was the residence of the Tabatabai family.

Every detail of the architectural design of this house has been considered to make living in hot weather of central Iran as pleasant as possible; like wind catchers or the fact that the main yard of the house is several steps lower the street.

The house consists of several yards and chambers. The stucco work and adornments were repaired and remade by the people of Kashan. A central yard with a big Sahn and a Shahneshin (the main living room) were built in the house. Shahneshin is in the northern part and a path is made from the yard to the basement. This basement was built to make tolerable the hot days of summer. Having employed colorful glasses in the building, the builders tried to make the main living room (Shahneshin) the most beautiful part of the house.


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