The Beautiful House of the Larries
MP. Yazd. Larry house

Yazd is known for its historic mansions which are constructed in the corner of the historic part of the city. Passing through quiet alleyways, the amazing entrance of the house intrigues everyone’s attention. As beautiful as the entrance, but the inside is still more amazing. The history of this aristocratic 1700 meters house goes back to the 13th century. This house belonged to Lary, a prominent merchant in the city. This magnificent mansion is actually composed of 6 houses, three yards, stalls, kitchen and warehouse that represent all the features of Yazd’s architecture. The major materials of the Beautiful House of the Larries are clay and mud-brick, straw and plaster which are accessible in the region. The main feature of such old houses is the existence of two main parts: “Andaruni”, the inside parts of a place and Biruni, the outside part. The family members lived in “Andaruni” and te “Biruni” was allotted to the reception of guests. In this style, preservation of family privacy is considered as an essential issue and the house is built in a way that no stranger can enter it without the consent of the landlord. 

The inside of the Beautiful House of the Larries with colorful glasses, mirror works, fine stucco and delicately painted rooms with old wood doors will catch every visitor’s eyes. 

Being situated in the heart of the desert, “Lariha House” has an intelligent design to bring the most shadows and cool atmosphere in hot seasons. A windcatcher and a beautiful pool have been considered to fulfill this purpose. In the middle of the azure pool in the courtyard, there is a throne that occupies half of the space of the pool. This couch is dedicated to families on sunsets to gather and enjoy the cool air provided by the shadows and the pool. The “Lariha House” is the mirror of traditional culture and its intimacy which is still vivid in every part and corners of Yazd


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