The flag of Iran- Before and After the Revolution
flag of iran

The Iranian flag with colors of green, white and red, and an emblem of Allah in the middle is the representative of Islamic Iranian country. Do you know anything about the history of changing flags in Iran?

Iranian flag is in three colors of green, white and red. These colors were placed on Iranian flag since the government of Nasereddin Shah Qajar. The present flag of Iran has the emblem of Allah in the middle and the phrase  “lā ʾilāha ʾillà l-Lāh which means “there’s no God except Allah” was inserted to the white part.

We studied the flag of Iran with a look at the historical resources. In the era of Achaemenians, an eagle with outspread wings and the ring of the sun behind it was representative of Iranian flag. In the time of Parthians, Iranian flag used to have the figure of the sun on it. At the onset of Islam in Iran, black became the color for the flag of Abbasid rulers and green and white represented Alavi rulers. From around 15th century AD, the emblem of Lion and Sun entered the Iranian flag which are two symbols of Mithraism religion. A sword was added to the hand of the lion in Qajar era which remained in the flag until the Revolution. After the Revolution, the Iranian flag became stabilized as the present form.

The red emblem of Allah in the middle of the flag, is the symbol of the martyrs of Iran-Iraq war and the 22 Allahoakbar (God is the greatest great) on the edges of the white band are the symbols of the Revolution’s victory in 22nd Bahman 1357 (11 February 1979). The designer of the flag was Hamid Nadimi, an associate professor in Architecture and civil Department of Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran.

In 2011 the National Organization of Standard in Iran required the following in the Iranian flag:

-The proportion of length to width of the flag should be 7 to 4.

-The slogan of Allahoakbar symbolizing 22nd of Bahman (the eleventh month of the year) is repeated eleven times in green and eleven times in red, meaning that it is repeated 22 times in the borders white in red and green.

-The color of Allahoakbar words should be white and shouldn’t have any bordering part with the white part of the flag. Between the inscriptions in the upper part should be covered with green and the lower part should be filled with red.

-The sign of the Islamic Republic is in the heart of the word “Allah” which is in red and is printed in the middle of the white part of the flag. The curving guidelines of the sketch should be inscribed in a circle.




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