The Natural Wonders of Qeshm Island;
MP. Qeshm Chahkooh

Part Two

Other than the cave, “Chahkooh” is amazing as well. It is better to visit Chahkooh only with someone who knows the place. You can climb the canyon and you can get to the top, but it’s hard to find your way alone. Chahkooh Valley is truly a gem on the natural beauty of Qeshm Island. Located around 120km from the town, a majestic canyon awaits you, which is the outcome of the breaking of a large anticline, also creating a salt pile of saline. There are four wells (hence the name Chahkooh, meaning “the mountain of wells” in Persian) from which you can get water and, interestingly, you can drink it.

The best way to get there is either by personal car or engaging a driver for a day.
This valley is one hundred meters deep and is square-shaped; it takes the form of an intersection, that is why after entering the valley, in the stretch of its path, there are two openings in two directions. The north-south one is wider, with little inclination and is in the shape of a U; with the advance towards the south it becomes narrower, its inclination increases assuming the V shape and with the width of half a meter it becomes inaccessible. In the terminal part of the valley, the difference in temperature with the outside becomes about ten degrees. This part is full of bird nests and beehives. At the entrance of this valley, there is a famous natural sculpture with the name of “se sar-e negahbān” ( three-headed guardian). 

Come with us to have a better experience of this place and other places of this Island!


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