A Magnificent Cooling Structure Called Wind Catcher
MP. Wind Catcher Wind Towers Yazd

Yazd is known as the city of wind towers. If you look up in any part of the city, you can definitely see how they are scattered in the city. If you have been to the southern provinces of Iran before traveling to Yazd, you are familiar with these ventilating towers, but in Yazd and its neighboring cities, you have the chance to see them carefully and observe their system closely. The people living in these arid areas have generally built wind towers over water reservoirs and the main parts of their houses. These constructions are generally square and are divided into some parts with wooden or adobe partitions from inside. Moreover, regarding the wind that usually blows in the region, the directions are changed. This alteration causes the houses that lack open air to be equipped with a ventilator and to be cooler through these towers. Directing the wind to the main rooms and basement and water reservoir, the wind towers make hot summers of desert regions like Kerman and Yazd tolerable.

         In Yazd, other than being scattered throughout the city, Six wind tower building is a famous place to boast this invention.

Other best sites of wind towers in Iran are


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