Borujerdi House, the Most Beautiful House of an Asian Country
M.P.Borujerdiha House Kashan Iran

Historic houses of Kashan are a must-see. Borujerdi House of Kashan is now the Tourism Management Office of Kashan. This historic house was appointed by UNESCO Convention as the most beautiful historical house of an Asian Country in 2015. It was built late in the Qajar period in 1875 AD. The most significant elements of this house are the curving wind-catcher, iwan and the royal hall with stucco work and paintings inspired by European style which was very common then. The paintings of Borujerdi house were painted under the observance of Kamal-ol-Molk, the great and famous painter of the Qajar period, whose works are kept in Golestan Palace in Tehran. 

This old house includes two parts of Andaruni (the main residence of the family) and Biruni (the part for daily interactions with people outside the family) which are of the main elements of the old Iranian architecture of houses. One of the significant points of Borujerdi house is using fruits in the stucco works and paintings. Grapes which has an abstract form were used for decoration in the past but in the Qajar period using still life in decoration became common.



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