Touching History in the National Museum of Iran
MP. National Museum of Iran

The National Museum of Iran, Bazaar, Golestan Palace, the Museum of National Jewelry and Glassware Museum are all located in the same area and you can arrange your plans to visit them in one day.

The National Museum of Iran is located in the old part of Tehran. The museum was designed by André Godard and by the command of Reza Shah Pahlavi in 1934 and was finished in 1937. This museum consists of two parts: The Museum of Ancient Iran and the Islamic Arts Museum. The architecture and design of each part are inspired by the relevant historical period it belongs to.

The Museum of Ancient Iran keeps a collection of archeological findings and objects that can make you ready for continuing your trip to Iran. Entering the museum, you visit the oldest remnants of ancient Iran on the second floor and you gradually get to the pre-Islamic history in the first floor. At first, you see the Paleolithic section and handmade quartz stones dating back to one million years ago and after seeing the remnants of the middle and new Paleolithic periods, you get to the period of Epipaleolithic.


There are many objects from the Neolithic period and pastoralism in Iran. Containers and utensils of the Iron Age are kept in the museum too. One of the most striking parts is artifacts from Persepolis, all having their original color. There are other important historic objects like the Salt Men in this museum.


In the National Museum of Iran, there is a section dedicated to Islamic Art. Here again, you can have a review of developments of Islamic Arts in various forms from calligraphy and pottery to textile and carpet design and making.


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